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Interested in experiencing the benefits of Guided Group Meditation?

Joining a Meditation Group supports an individual’s inward journey. It's inspiring and motivating to connect with others who share the same intentions as you. Meditation moves you into a higher level of consciousness, and in doing so you possess a powerful positive energy. When people meditate together, this effect is multiplied and intensified. Many people say that they experience something deeper -  a more profound connection with the Universe through Group Meditation. The vibration, the focus and channeling of your mind, and awareness are mesmerizing, engaging, and magnetic. Group Meditation presents the opportunity to harmonize every aspect of your life - mind, body, spirit - and find peace within. 

    TLC Connection

Hours T-F 10:00-5:00 & By Appointment

             Laurie  Creery




For 3 Mondays in October, TLC Connection will offer FREE 30 Minutes of Guided Group Meditation!  

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