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By Appointment Only -  Cedar Falls, Iowa

Personal Coaching

Helping individuals who struggle with addiction to make better life choices. Support is based on the strengths of the individual not their weaknesses. It can help those who have an addiction problem or are in recovery. By altering your thought process it can change your life.  

Helping individuals and/or groups change their lifestyle to improve overall health and well-being. This could include diet, increasing self-care regimens, developing a workout routine, etc. It can also extend to a holistic perspective. 

Set goals and formulate a plan to accomplish your life purpose,

direction, long-term desires and dreams. Identify “stressors”

and implement a stress management program. Track daily progress.

Working with clients on their self-relationship as well as how they interact with others, their career, their spirituality, their priorities, creating more work/life balance, productivity, motivation, habits, and personal issues - such as abuse, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD.  The individual can focus on one specific area or all of the above.

Life Coaching 

Health and Wellness Coaching

Working with both couples and individuals to increase relationship skills. For singles, this could include attracting a partner, keeping a partner, and building a strong relationship foundation. For couples, it could include improving communication patterns, increasing intimacy, and responding better to one another.

Addiction Support Coaching

Relationship Coaching